amy and chris | mudgee

March 25, 2015

{ Who are they }

Amy is co-owner of a wedding start-up called WedShed which brings together a collection of unique venues from all around Australia on one website, While Chris is a physiotherapist.

{ The Proposal }

They had planned a trip to Tazzie and Chris had given Amy no clues as to where they were staying. They ended up down the coast where he’d booked an amazing private property called The Peninsula (it literally takes up it’s own peninsula), surrounded by bushland.

On arrival they set off on a bush walk and towards the end they approached a table that was dressed with flowers, champers and a card – a belated ‘birthday surprise’ he said as it was Amy’s b’day the week before. When Amy turned around from reading the card, he was on one knee. Lots of tears and champers to follow.

{ Behind the Wedding }

Both Amy and Chris were inspired by the Hayshed itself and also by the Australian landscape. It was a 62 year old structure and a total blank canvas for all of their ideas. They wanted to bring it back to life with little bits of the farm’s history (like skulls and farm equipment) mixed with masses of gorgeous Australian natives and bits and pieces they collected throughout the year before.

They wanted an atmosphere that was totally relaxed but also really inspiring and fun for all their loved ones.

This wedding had so much DIY. They were lucky enough to have their poor friends and family roped in to help out. All the bunting, signage, and decorations were done themselves. They hand-sprayed all the horse shoe favours after gurney-ing all the horse poo out of them (they were straight from a racehorse farm).

Amy says the worst DIY job was the bleaching and scrubbing of the cattle skulls. She sourced a good collection of them from contacts in Mudgee and beyond, put them in massive bins of bleach and watched hundreds of spiders, centipedes, weevils and bugs that had made their home in them crawl out. Her mum and mates then scrubbed them clean of all the dirt and dead insects.

They also collected all the vintage furniture themselves, as well as all the cutlery, plates, port glasses and most of the styling items. The property owners were so amazing in letting them use whatever bits and pieces they could find on the farm.

Amy lost her dad suddenly three years ago so to remember him they incorporated a toast of white Mudgee port into the ceremony. Her Dad loved port and the countryside, and she knew she’d lose it if she talked about him, so this was their way of involving and remembering him.

Funnily enough, Amy had bought the dress before she actually got engaged. Her friend chanced upon the dress while they were living in London while looking online for another friend’s dress and showed it to her, thinking it was her style. Amy loved it but dismissed the idea of buying a wedding dress when she wasn’t even getting married. But then a few weeks later Amy got an email saying the dress was on sale for half price. She called her mum and she bought it on the spot.

Chris actually had no idea Amy had it until after he proposed over a year later. He was actually sleeping on it for six months – Amy stored it in a box under his side of the bed in their London apartment.

{ Love }

Marriage to Amy and Chris is a symbol of the fact that they want to spend every day together for the rest of their lives. They had already built their relationship over many years on the basis of friendship, love, support and adventure and marriage was their promise to each other to keep it up forever.



Get down to your local newsagent and grab yourself a copy of HelloMay’s latest issue to check out Amy and Chris’s wedding in the flesh. (They also made the front cover) GOOOOO TEAM!!!








Bridal Gown – Nightcap Clothing

Flower Crown – Mikarla Bauer

Shoes – Tony Bianco

Flowers – Mikarla Bauer

Hair – Chloe Langford

Makeup – Georgia Hull

Bridesmaids Dresses – Witchery, ASOS and Mink Pink

Grooms Suit – Uniqlo, Vanishing Elephant and William Teddington

Grooms – Shoes – Calibre

Bow Ties – Mrs Bow Tie

Celebrant – Sophie Coombes

Ceremony – Wedshed Property

Reception – Wedshed Property

Catering – Rachael McCarthy

Music – Press Club Band Sydney