kat and michael | tasmania

February 16, 2016

Relaxed, Colourful, Homemade, Natural, Simple, Tasmanian. That pretty much describes this wedding in a nutshell!

Kat & Michael decided to get ready in 2 different rooms but in the same house. This private time before the ceremony was so special. Seeing each other for the first time, before anyone saw them. They got the chance to see the look and the emotion on each others face. To them it was so calming and meant they could spend as much time with their guests as possible after the ceremony. These guys really love the natural beauty of the area in which they chose to tie the knot. Especially the waterhole at the ceremony, walking up there after the ceremony was so dreamy.

They pretty much did EVERYTHING themselves. They spent months and months creating pieces that would not only look perfect but meant something to them. Such as the arbour, dried rose confetti, tables, signs, kokodema balls, homebrew (which was AMAZING) and their wedding cake & grazing table. (Yeah, these two are good)

They just really were about having it as organic as possible, and just leaving the natural beauty of the surrounds to speak for itself. A lot of their guests travelled interstate to Tassie for the first time so it was a really special reunion as well as their farewell to Tasmania.

Enjoy the MEGA post 🙂

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Bride & Groom Prep House – Crabtree House

Ceremony Location – Longley Recreational Reserve

Reception – Longley International Hotel

Brides Dress – Alice McCall

Brides Shoes – Ko Fashion

Brides Robe – Piyama

Jewellery – Sargisons Jeweller for Wedding & Engagement Bands

Grooms Suit – Country Road

Grooms Suspenders – Project TransAction

Chair & Glassware Hire – That Old Chestnut

Ice – Mountain Dew

Makeup – Caitlin Fife

Hair – Jakadjari

Stylist – Bride & Groom

Florist – Flowers from Lisa Kingston

Edible Flowers – Provenance Growers

Cake – Made by the Bride

Catering – Mr Burger, Grazing table (Bride & Groom) Homebrew (Groom)

Stationery – Designed by the Bride

Celebrant – Sally Port

Transport – Barry’s Bus Charter



oh so so beautiful Mitch. Blown away x


Thanks so much Chelsea 🙂


Cheers dude!

This is so good Mitch! Love it.

a maze ing…….simply brilliant!!

simply beautiful…..

I don’t know you but I think, looking at your photographs I have witnessed the most beautiful wedding I have ever seen. From a Pom admirer.

Helen of the North

Simply magical. Well done. Thank you for sharing your photos. A Canadian on beautiful Georgian Bay.

Jacqueline Carey

I want to rewind time and be at this wedding. Spectacular!

beautiful photos, beautiful celebration…thank you.